A card game about strategy, action & FUN!

How to play


Instructions for BLDR 

Objective: Be the first player to build your chosen BLDR structure.

Players: 2-4 players

Game pieces

  • 54 playing cards (orange)
  • 38 action cards (black)
  • 16 building cards (yellow)


Set up: Each player chooses which BLDR structure they would like to build and places the four building cards to the side. Create a pile of action cards and a separate pile of playing cards and place the two stacks in between the players. Each player draws a playing card. The highest card goes first. Place playing cards back in the playing pile and shuffle. Deal 5 playing cards to each player.


How to play: Begin your turn by drawing a playing card. Next, you may exchange sets for an action card or play action cards. Players may exchange as many sets or play as many action cards during their turn as they would like. The turn ends when the player chooses to no longer play. You may only have 8 playing cards and 8 action cards in your hand at a time. If you have more than 8 of either type of card, you must play or discard them. When all playing cards or action cards have been drawn, shuffle the discard pile and use them to continue to play.

The player who completes his or her BLDR structure first wins!

To speed play:

  • 3 players-remove one robber and one wrecking ball
  • 4 players-remove one robber, one wrecking ball and two policemen.

Further instructions


Meet the creator: Jackson Lefler

Jackson 4.jpg

While playing strategic card games during the summer after fourth grade, Jackson Lefler got an idea for a different card game where players could put cards together to build something – a structure maybe.

Lefler, then 10, began to play other card and board games which gave him more ideas. He slowly began to put the ideas together and ended up designing/inventing his own game: BLDR.

“I like strategy in a lot of games. And luck,” Lefler said. “I don’t like games where you’re just spinning, relying on all luck. So I wanted to come up with a game that had both those things – strategy plus a little luck.”